Complete automation is on the horizon

A full-featured, framework, console, and API that allows you to automate... anything!

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An automation solution that does anything you ask.


Automate the incoming user requests to your help desk. Imagine a system that can perform help desk requests without a help desk agent - all through a simple and interactive framework. Reduce costs and overhead by allowing anythingyouask to help your end users get results right away. You can even use it with your existing ticketing system to track requests and proactively solve problems before a user knows they exists. Welcome to a real way to save costs and provide self-service. Welcome to anythingyouask.

IM and SMS

On the go and need something done? Your users can interface via text or instant messaging or even a complete web interface. Reduce the time it takes for users to get thier requests fulfilled - automate it. You control what the systyem automates and what it doesn't. You control all of the authentication and interaction methods. Your users are happy, your costs are reduced, and you're in control. That's anythingyouask.


Enchance your IVR system to actually do what the user is asking. Start automating your phone assistant to perform tasks rather than routing callers through endless departments. Let users ask anything. Let the system do what they require. Fast, smart, and a great savings to your bottom line. When your callers get results right away, your costs go down, and morale skyrockets. Don't just shuffle calls through an IVR, let anythingyouaks get the job done.

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